Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Part One

I do not know about you but for me the past week has been almost electrifying.  It started with the Full Moon last Tuesday the 17th, which was located at 25-26 degrees of Sagittarius /Gemini-opposite signs. The Sun was in Sag and the Moon was in Gemini. Gemini gives us information, Sag gives us the meaning of life. The position of the Sun, with the Moon mirroring from across the way, is at the GC or Galactic Center of the Milky Way, where a super Black Hole lies. The black hole is millions of times larger than the Sun and absorbs and transmits electromagnetic energy. As Austin says.."the Full Moon's alignment with the GC provides extra energetic support for releasing old beliefs, remembering our cosmic origins and realizing our life's purpose." (see TMA's December/January issue Stephanie Austin's piece on the Full Moon.) This Full Moon (Full Moons are always  synchronous with a "breakthrough" or "ah ha" moment) will give us information about the meaning and purpose of our lives, if we are looking in that direction that is, and will be in effect until the next New Moon on January 1st. 

That same day saw a station or apparent station, from earth's perspective, of Uranus at 8 degrees 35 minutes of Aries. Uranus will now move forward in the zodiac once again, after having gone retrograde from July 17th. Planet Uranus is our symbol for the revolutionary and progressive impulse in our lives; when things suddenly get turned upside down in your life, Uranus is active in your chart. (I just spilled my chai as I was writing this and yes it is in mine and this accident prone energy will be quite apparent for all of us into Christmas Day as Mars configures itself with Uranus). You need other influences to sustain the sudden intensity, but the excitement of the moment gives us a glimpse into the future. This is true especially as this Uranus station occurred simultaneously with the Full Moon at the GC.

And the news of the day of the Full Moon?  The front page of the New York Times had four articles,  demonstrating the future coming towards us.  Firstly, a federal district judges ruled that the NSA's program that is systematically keeping records of all American phone calls, violates the constitution. James Madison, author of the Constitution would be "aghast" that the government was invading our privacy to this extent, Judge Leon wrote in his 68 page ruling. (According to Eric Francis and his Planet Waves site, who obtained birth data on Leon, he is a maverick with his Sun conjunct Chiron-one who leads humanity forward, one who goes his way alone, a healer.)

Secondly, the drug company Glax-Smith-Kline has agreed to stop paying doctors to promote its products.

Thirdly an American organization of professors announced a boycott of Israeli academic institutions to protest Israel's treatment of Palestinians.  "People who truly believe in academic freedom would realize protesting the blatant and systemic denial of academic freedom to the Palestinians, which is coupled with material deprivation of a staggering scale, far outweighs concerns we in the West might have about our own academic freedoms."

And fourthly, Pope Francis replaced a conservative American cardinal on a powerful Vatican committee with another American considered more moderate.  The fact that the editorial board of the NYT,  which meets daily to decide which news stories to put on the front page chose these four stories on Tuesday the 17th, with the Full Moon on the GC, is significant. Remember in astrology it is not what happens to us that is important it is when it happens that is. 

There is another news story of note, that came in that week.  Glenn Greenwald (the Guardian reporter who broke the Snowden files story) and other national security investigative journalists have joined forces with the founder of eBay, to form a new media company, NewCo.  This is not "a same old" publication but one that augurs for the future. There are two components to New Co, one a technology company run for profit that will develop tech tools for making and distributing news and then selling those products to outside companies. The profits will then be funneled into the second segment of NewCo, a not for profit arm which will publish and support independent public interest journalism..
to be continued...

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