Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 15th of October -Tuesday the 21st of October

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) – We are between the Lunar Full Moon from last week and the Solar New Moon eclipse on the 23rd. In eclipse season, as it is called, sudden change is very likely (depending on your natal chart). Excitement and enterprise reign for you, coupled with a very realistic financial assessment about how much you can afford to spend or lose.

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 21) – Have you fallen in love with someone at work? As we are in Eclipse season after the Full Moon of last week and before the New Moon of next week, we are betwixt and between; sudden shifts are very likely. It is best to wait and see what the gods have in mind before rushing into anything. Starting a friendship under an eclipse can have unanticipated consequences. 

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) – The Sun meets Mercury tomorrow marking the ½ way point in the Mercury retrograde cycle. This is when the new information or decision comes to light.  The affairs you are concerned with are of a romantic nature, children, what you do for fun or your personal creativity.  Then Mercury meets Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter as the week unfolds. How very busy you are slowly going back over how best to enjoy yourself. Boredom is not your thing.

CANCER Jun 21-Jul 20) – The Moon is in your sign as the week begins. Be prepared for some internal insecurity.  This week you have to integrate what has occurred in your life thus far in this Eclipse season-between the Full Moon from last week when affairs come to ahead and the New Moon next week when there is a new start. These are likely to be rather jolting-not necessarily in a bad way.  Look to making a financial commitment to the long term health and happiness of your progeny.

LEO (Jul 20-Aug 21) – Moon is in your sign Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 6:00 PM. Excitement and enterprise can be coupled with a fear of losing your home. The task is to do what must be done to expand and grow without having the folks at home wonder where you are. They are your foundation. Repair any leaks in the roof or any hurt feelings.

VIRGO (Aug 20-Sep 21) – Mercury is still retrograde during this week between eclipses. Thoughts are doing a redo –in your earned income sector. It is normal for this time in the cycle. What is not normal is that we are in eclipse season and freaky things can happen. Try not to judge or be critical at least out loud. Look to tomorrow around 4:40 PM to begin to get clarity. There should be some good news this week despite the eclipses and the retrograde.

LIBRA (Sep 21-Oct 20) – Stop worrying about money and look to the relationship to increase your self esteem which will bolster your bottom line. You are building on the good will of the community to also slowly increase your bank account. We are in “eclipse season” between the Lunar Full Moon of last week and the Solar New Moon next week; endings and beginnings. It is time to assimilate.  Eclipses are like light switches –change can happen that fast. (Look to last week’s Lunar Eclipse in your sign with the Supreme Court and gay marriage). 

SCORPIO (Oct 20-Nov 20) – You have been under pressure with Saturn in your sign and it seems to be increasing as Jupiter the planet of excess and growth is moving towards a hard angle with Saturn.  You want to be taken seriously but are thinking about doing something that seems childish and selfish. You are just toying with it now during this Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde. It will come back in the beginning of next August. What do you value? What do you want? You will not be able to keep that relationship secret forever.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 20-Dec 21) –Do you have any energy to travel and visit a foreign family or artistic group this week? Maybe you should buy tickets for a visiting dance troupe or see a new play to get inspired. Remember though there is Saturn who wants you to get real about too much gallivanting about for no purpose. There’s that voice inside which is telling you if you are kidding yourself or not.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 20) – Having a one on one with your boss is favored this week, even though Mercury is still retrograde.  You might not come to any final conclusions just yet, but you will be able to express how best you feel your artistic talents can be useful to him/her. After the Lunar Eclipse of last week, a whole new world might have opened up.  Get ready for the Solar New Moon Eclipse next week.  The gods are awake.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 19) – You are caught in the horns of a dilemma between your partner who seems to be having all the fun and you feeling like a wet blanket. You can add the note of realism very important so the excess does not get out of hand.  Are you taking a trip this month –or taking a child to look at colleges? Is it stirring up any desires on your part?  

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 21) – Any new job or new opportunity in the service sector will require you to play the adviser role. Your morals and ethics will be tested. As we are between the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon last week, when issues come to a head and something gets exposed, and the Solar Eclipse New Moon next week, plus Mercury retrograde everything is in a state of flux. Win-win solutions should appear this week in your financial sector, if a kink appeared last week. You will have to have a balanced approach and get over any selfishness.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 1st of October -Tuesday the 7th of October

Read your rising sign if you know it; or any other sign, as each of us has Aries, Taurus etc. someplace in our charts governing some aspect of our lives.

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) – Today is the 1st quarter Moon, the day when we see the Moon overhead at sundown. There is a push forward energy in the air, which you are good at, leading into next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The weekend is tricky with Mercury stationing retrograde. You might have second thoughts about a financial commitment just made. If it does not feel right, you have time (3 weeks) to rethink  and rewrite better terms. 

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 21) – Any feelings of martyrdom that come up on Friday might push you to the limit over the weekend so that you can become your nemesis- a raging bull. Mercury the planet that governs what we think and say is making a station here too, to begin its 3 week retrograde period. You might not be quite ready for that relationship. There is still some self discipline to do. You will get back here again November 10th. No worries.

GEMINI (May 21- Jun 21) – Thank god you have these times off!! Mercury your ruler goes retrograde this weekend and the general feeling should be of exhaustion, retreat and hiatus. Stop whatever is going on between your ears for the next few weeks go back and do everything that begins with “re”..reorganize, redo, rewrite, redecorate, rework, etc..There might be a creative piece that you have dropped and need to return to; or a child needs additional attention. The weekend will be intense.

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 20) – First Quarter Moon this week-between the New Moon of last week and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of next week. You ought to be feeling the need to act on that new direction in your home life. With challenging Pluto involved this moving forward might be in a direction not of your liking, as it might upset your emotional centeredness.  Expect something to be revealed that you did not know was there, that needed to be aired and that causes you to rethink things at home.

LEO (Jul 20-Aug 22) –This is one of the 4 weeks of the year that your ruler the Sun runs into both Pluto (on Saturday) and Uranus (on Tuesday). Sudden power shifts are possible, as are eruptions of long and deeply held secrets or resentments; whose time has come to expose. With Mercury stationing retrograde also this weekend, these events will have to be processed slowly over the next 3 weeks. A new direction for growth within a relationship is possible but it will require you to think things through and trust your intuition.

VIRGO (Aug 22-Sep 21) – We are in a first quarter moon phase today which is very energizing as far as the monthly cycle goes-you might feel like a racehorse chomping at the bit.  However your ruler Mercury is stalling reminding you that there is something you forgot to include in last week’s new beginning. You have 3 weeks to remember, rethink, renegotiate the terms of that new partnership or endeavor that will increase your self esteem and hopefully your pocketbook. 

LIBRA (Sep 21-Oct 22) – Things cannot be more pleasant than those times, like now, when your ruler Venus and the North Node are in Libra (on top of the New Moon from last week); love and graciousness are in the air. The weekend gets a little bumpy with the Sun meeting the 2 big powerhouse planets whose role is to shakeup whatever part of us is stale. Mercury is also heading backwards for the next few weeks moving back into your sign to meet that beautiful Venus and the North Node on the 18th. The way forward will appear.

SCORPIO (Oct 22-Nov 22) – Mars is stirring up your finances house this week and moving into formation with  two other planets in fire signs. Your work life should be filled with great excitement and the potential for great success. The weekend is rough as Mercury begins its 3 week retrograde motion. Just when you thought you were ready to go public, there appears a fly in the ointment. Be cautious and read the fine print.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) – It is a great week to take a trip which your adventurous spirit loves; especially true since Mercury goes retrograde this weekend for the next 3 weeks. Give your mind and commerce a break. Your partner might be throwing you a curve ball (if you have one that is –being the freedom loving person that you are). All can be rethought or re-intuited on that yoga retreat. 

CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 20) – Your ruler Saturn is going over the same ground this week that was covered at the beginning of the year. Can you remember what was up for you then? Time is circular as the planets orbit around the Sun. At this First Quarter Moon week, heading into the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon next week, you ought to be ready to move ahead, especially as the Moon is in your sign today and tomorrow morning.  Caution and patience return over the weekend as affairs get disturbed both with Mercury beginning its backwards movement and the Sun meeting the two heavy planets where sudden power shifts are possible.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 20) – Friday and Saturday this week the Moon is in your sign; always a time of the month when we feel self assured. Mercury will start its 3 week retrograde motion Saturday at 1:00 PM. The intention to speak publicly will be thwarted. You will be back here again November 10th when the green light is on. Watch the fireworks this weekend. Unlock your hidden powerhouse.

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 21) – The Moon is in your sign Sunday and Monday and your innate wisdom with its calming peace and faith in the future will come in handy after this weekend. There could be some souls in your world set adrift by the major planetary activity over the weekend. We are heading into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse next week, the Sun meets the two heavy planets which symbolize “the gods” being active in our lives and Mercury beginning its 3 week retrograde period. For you personally it could be the “start of something big” (and suddenly financially rewarding).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 17th of September -Tuesday the 23rd of September

 Read your rising sign if you know it; or any other sign, as each of us has Aries, Taurus etc. someplace in our charts governing some aspect of our lives.

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) – The Moon, at its last quarter, is shrinking in light; your focus begins to switch from what has been to what will be. Confusion can come in over the weekend as Mars squares Neptune. If you are working in film, on a very creative image rich work, or if you are working on elevating suffering, your work will go well. If none of the above you can feel as if you are in a fog. Monday night a sea change occurs as the Sun enters Libra and planet Pluto stations. You will begin to get noticed.

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 21) – Expect to be slightly disturbed as the week begins, liking stability instead of upset. But there is a bee in your bonnet when it comes to someone “going postal” on you. Someone just being who they are doesn’t mean they will not stand by you in the end. Better wait until Sunday to decide anything. 

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21) –Mercury has now entered its “shadow period” that is the time on either side of the actual 3 week retrograde period where ideas get reviewed. The illumination, brainstorm or new creative idea you had last week has staying power and will continue to haunt you these next few weeks. It might concern a new way of relating to your children-wanting to treat them more as an equal or a new artistic endeavor. Your creative side benefits from having someone to talk to about it. 

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 20) – The week begins with you feeling provoked- with feelings of powerlessness and wanting to break free. There might be a personal need to break some bad habits which would be the good side. The Moon is in your sign since 11:24 AM yesterday always increasing and sensitizing your emotional intelligence. When it changes into Leo late Thursday night the mood will shift. Do not be discouraged or depressed Saturday afternoon. We are in the waning Moon/Sun cycle just before the New Moon. Assimilate and integrate what has gone on before, rather than initiate would be your m.o.

LEO (Jul 20-Aug 21) – Friday sees the Moon in your sign and conjunct the planet of luck, success, faith and optimism in the middle of the night. Try to remember your dreams Friday night. You might be called to ratchet up your ever generous nature. The Sun, your ruler, moves into Libra 10:30 PM Monday the 22nd as we hit the Autumnal Equinox; days and nights are of equal length. Forget the last month’s efforts to increase your resources. Now you need to focus on building more community around you, including siblings, or taking on a new study course, or renewed focus on expressing your ideas.

VIRGO (Aug 21-Sept 22) – After the Full Moon in your sign has brought to light either the reality of continuing with more needless suffering, or you have decided to take the higher path and go for healing an awkward situation. These days you are either still involved in a caretaking situation of one in great need, or with a musician, artist or healer-one who can transcend the misery all around. Mercury is in your second house of resources and earned income and will be for the month ahead. The Sun joins Mercury Monday night at the Autumnal Equinox. Focus on gaining something for yourself, material or otherwise. Join forces.

LIBRA (Sep 22-Oct 20) – Expect some disruption as the week begins when stability in relationship is hard to come by. Better for you Sunday when Venus your ruler meets Saturn, in a nice way. Whatever quirkiness happened earlier in the week, can get smoothed out. The Sun enters your sign Monday night at the Autumnal Equinox. Come out of the closet a bit. Mercury and the North Node in your sign makes you very level headed these days, much the conciliator and diplomat.  

SCORPIO (Oct 20-Nov 21) – Saturn is still in your sign until Christmas, but Mars has moved out, thank goodness. You have energy again for material gain. You might not be seeing a relationship or connection that will help you move forward. You will have time in the next month to see and find someone in places that you do not normally go to or find yourself in. Why are relationships so hard?

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 21-Dec 21) – Mars in your sign now, is swiftly moving to form a triangle in the sky with the abundant Jupiter in ego satisfying Leo and Uranus the quickener and enlightener in Aries.  This grand trine in fire will light up your love life, your educational life and/or your travel plans. Feel the pressure and excitement build as the week and month progresses.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 20) – Saturn is picking up speed now so you should be feeling that the affairs in your life are doing likewise. Saturn is about your outer reality, what it looks like; at the same time it is also about your inner character. Character is destiny. Saturn rules the bones in your body, your teeth and skeletal structure. It is what we learn to stand up on as a toddler and identify with as we age and have a consistent yoga practice. Saturn defines and helps you take responsibility for who you are. Define your goals, hopes and wishes.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 19) – Saturn is in your 10th house of career and reputation, helping you define and realize what that looks like. If things have gone as far as they can face the music and look for another road.  This week we are into the waning portion of the Moon cycle. Integrate what has gone on before and recognize what you want to keep and bring forward and what or who you have outgrown. 

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 21) – Since the Full Moon on the 8th you must have been experiencing a whole range of feelings from confusion, loneliness and despair to a renewed sense of the ultimate power and resourcefulness of the source of all creativity and life. Your job as the wisest of all the signs is to live from that place where all is possible; sure of the truth that the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. The readjustments you have to make this week in your daily habits will pay off.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 10th of September -Tuesday the 16th of September

Read your rising sign if you know it; or any other sign, as each of us has Aries, Taurus etc. someplace in our charts governing some aspect of our lives.

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 21) – Coming off the Full Moon, which always brings some sense of relief, you have the Moon in your sign until tomorrow, Thursday night. Use the time to take the initiative as you are good at starting things. Mars your ruler changes signs and moves into Sagittarius Saturday around 6:00 PM. Your focus will shift; aim high and go for it. The money troubles should be over.

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20) – Venus your ruler has moved opposite the planet of love and dreaminess Neptune today. Your sense of things can be cloudy or you are feeling in love with love? This can be inspiring though and sensitize you too beauty and its effect in your body. The Moon is in your sign starting Thursday night through pre dawn Sunday. What do you want and need?  The love gods are with you Sunday.

GEMINI (May 20-Jun 21) – Coming off the Full Moon this week, Mercury is busy meeting Pluto last night, Jupiter today, and Uranus Saturday. You are supposed to be thinking about having fun with or without the children, but you might have to do some mental gymnastics; going from some level of mistrust and feelings that someone is keeping a secret, to being able to communicate about it, to having a sudden illumination over the weekend. You will come back to this perspective again.

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 21) – As the week begins we are coming off the Full Moon (which must make all Cancers exhausted), and you might be feeling that your independence no longer serves you. Perhaps you are beginning to understand that your growth now comes from entering into a partnership, or at least the realization is dawning of the need to have someone to talk to. This might mean living with someone else for the first time, just changing housemates so the social aspect improves, or even going back home for a spell. 

LEO (Jul 21-Aug 20) – Leos are made for the sunshine. The Sun has peaked in the sky; the Full Moon has peaked and we are in the winding down part of the yearly cycle. But with Jupiter in your sign now expansion, luck and optimism are forthcoming for you. Expect some stability, confidence and a clear sense of purpose Thursday, tomorrow, and for a few days after.

VIRGO (Aug 20-Sep 21) – The Full Harvest Moon was Monday night and the after effects continue for a few days as this week begins. If you got worried last night or suspicious keep positive thoughts. The way things seem is not always the way things are. Do not be too quick to act on Thursday, or get upset by someone acting erratically Saturday or be tempted to say something outrageous. After the weekend find an elder to talk to about it. With Venus in your sign you can be a peacemaker.

LIBRA (Sep 21-Oct 20) – Until the Sun apparently leaves Virgo and moves into your sign on the 22nd, you might feel unnecessarily burdened; that there is just too much criticism around for your comfort. Planet Mercury, which is in your sign already, and will stay here for the next few months (except for 2 weeks), will help you get a grip on anything out of balance in your life. Use the time to compare and contrast; watch any decision you make (not your strong suit). Perhaps what you decide this week will have to be recommitted to around October 25th. 

SCORPIO (Oct 20-Nov 22) – As the week begins and the Full Moon wanes, Mars your ruler will then change signs Saturday evening, moving out of intense Scorpio where it met Saturn, the Lord of Karma and into your 2nd house of earned income and values. The current very intense pressure will subside. Energy can now be focused on more practical matters. Be careful about getting into an argument Thursday evening and Sunday take the activity into a yoga class or outdoor sport.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21) – Planet Mars moves into your sign around 6:00PM Saturday evening. You will be full of get up and go. Impulsive, enthusiastic, exploratory, frank, spontaneous, restless, sporty, argumentative and fitful methods, energies and attitudes will accompany this time through October. Even more so as Jupiter also is in a fire sign. Be careful of getting burned or burning yourself out.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 20) – With the Full Moon past you will feel more stable and secure tomorrow, Thursday as the Sun and your ruler Saturn connect. Anything started this week has a good chance of continuing into the future, important to you. No point in working hard if it all is going to dissolve quickly. This might concern a new promotional idea that will bring you residual income, something else important to you.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 19) – Saturn you ruler is at the top of your chart. Perhaps you feel at the end of a road, that you have achieved all that you can in your current role and that there is no place else to go. If you have any institutional memory left you might look back 29-30 years ago to the fall of 1984, when you were here before. This is one of the planetary cycles of life-or the wheel of fortune, going up and coming down which happens to all of us.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 21) – After the Full Moon has passed and all the hurts and feelings of abandonment it brought with it have subsided you can look forward. Mars will move into your 10th house of career and reputation around 6:00 PM on Saturday, stimulating this area of life. If you have a visible career, that is you are seen by the public, then you ought to be careful these next 6 weeks that you do not upset the apple cart too much. Or if you cannot help it, take it on faith that it was necessary and right. Principles, a moral code to live by, regardless of financial consequences, is sorely lacking in today’s world.