Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 16th of July -Tuesday the 22nd of Jul

Read your rising sign if you know it, and any other sign as well; we all have Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. someplace in our charts governing some area of our life..

Aries (Mar 21-April 22) – The week begins with the Moon in your sign. Expect to wake up Thursday morning raring for action; Friday night and Saturday be careful as both the Sun and Moon connect with your ruler Mars. Acting impulsively, quarreling, feeling competitive, a demanding physical regime, or getting things done are all possible now. Look for Mars in the southwest evening sky now passing to the left of brilliant Spica and towards Saturn. You will be called upon to put your recently acquired heightened sense of justice to greater use as the summer progresses. 

Taurus (Apr 22-May 21) – Early Friday morning your ruler Venus changes signs and moves from Gemini into Cancer. Your energies will shift from a more communicative, physically active, selling and conversing mode of the last month, to one concerned with connecting with the warm feelings for home and family. It would be a great weekend to have a block or neighborhood party, as celebratory feelings run high. Indulge them all by cooking a special meal. You especially love the creature comforts of food.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – Your ruler Mercury connects with the mystical planet Neptune early Saturday morning. This might have made your dreams very vivid or will color the day with visions and fantasies. The Moon enters your sign around noon on Monday the 21st, sparking your mental activity, thoughts are easily expressed. Just make sure that day and the next that your mind does not go towards being suspicious and seeing evil where there isn’t any. Your mental perception is razor sharp these days. 

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 20) – You are winding down the annual month of maximum self interest now. What new aspect of personal identity have you managed to portray as your own? What feelings have you allowed to escape your hard shell and express? Venus the planet of love, affection and valuing has entered your sign now for a month’s stay, joining Mercury. Love and nurture yourself, re parent yourself, enjoy your ever present mood swings, your home, even your stomach aches. Hold a baby, a pet, listen to music, be by the water anything that raises feelings to the surface. Learn to love feelings.

Leo (Jul 20-Aug 21st) – This is it- time you have been waiting for. Jupiter entered Leo at 6:31 AM this morning until August 2015.  Jupiter in your sign will demand you to expand, be generous, go for your ultimate success, take a leap of faith, check off items on your “wish list”.  Of course the down side can be weight gain, over confidence that leads to risk taking, religious fanaticism, self aggrandizement and an over the top sense of self importance.  Leo likes to have fun and party, enjoys children and all creative acts, the theater, speculation, games, sports. Looking back to August 2002 through August 2003, the last time Jupiter was in your sign, you will be able to sense a theme that will repeat this year.

Virgo (Aug 21-Sep 21) – Jupiter the planet of luck, faith and expansion has just entered your 12th house of hidden treasures and talents, sorrows, sufferings, chronic health concerns and the processes that move you through those trials to redemption and release. It is really an inside job this year when not even you best friend can help. If requires faith in providence-that invisible force guiding all of us. Your guardian angel is present to help you come out of isolation.

Libra (Sep 21-Oct 22) – Events at the beginning of the week could be volatile, as in a need to defend your turf.  This week also marks a turning point in the eclipse season-triggering what started at the lunar eclipse last Oct 18th, and/or April 15th this year. If this point touches anything in your chart (which you will know if you can recall events around either of those dates) your life will change, as the Sun at the end of Libra squares that Mars in Libra, which we have been talking about for months. Mars has been in your sign for 7 months instead of the usual 7 weeks, igniting all kinds of relationships, hopefully bringing balance and fairness; soon to end. There is a solution in front of you.

Scorpio (Oct 22-Nov 20) – Hopefully you have stabilized your joint finances this past year and are on the road to recovery.  Saturn moving ahead on the 20th, will give you the green light to proceed forward; you will see the results of your winter’s inner personal work on identifying more clearly who you really are, manifest in the outer world. Jupiter has changed signs now and having moved into Leo and your 10th house of career opportunities for a year, should give your career, status and reputation a clear boost. No need to wait for another person to act. You have the authority.

Sagittarius (Nov 20-Dec 21) – Jupiter, your ruler, has changed signs now and moved from the place of increased unearned income and joint finances to the area of life which concerns your relationship to the divine, the meaning of life, your educational goals, travel plans, higher education, morals, ethics and the law. You will expand and grow in one or more of those areas this year (look back to Aug 2002-3 for ideas how this will happen again). Leo is a fire sign as are you, so let your enthusiasm and zest for life shine forth and inspire others.

Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 20) – You ruler Saturn is finally on the starting line ready to move ahead. You have been in retrograde motion since the beginning of March, a normal yearly pattern. If things have been in a stuck mode since then, you can now begin to win the race with the hare. Do not expect the fast pace to begin at once, but rather expect this week to have to make some quirky adjustments. The emphasis is on stability and persistence in emotional bonds rather than going it alone. You might attract an interesting homebody this week. 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 20) – Both your rulers are changing directions this week. Saturn is moving forward and Uranus backwards (not really but from the earth’s perception they are changing their orientation to the Sun). Any revolutionary zest has to be turned inward, rather than externally manifested. As a result of the inner structure building you have been doing over these last few months, your outer reality will change now. The Sun moves into Leo your opposite sign this week as well-so let your partner shine.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 21) – If better working conditions are your number one priority you are fortunate this week as Jupiter, your ruler and the planet of luck, has moved into Leo and your 6th house of work, health and service, expanding the opportunities in those areas for a year. A new exercise regime or diet, shorter hours with more money, more congeniality with co-workers, a new and better job description are some of the benefits to look for. These things happen, but sometimes we do not notice that it is the revolution of the planets in their orbits around the Sun, that dictates the timing. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Again the weekly column July 9th-16th of July

Read your rising sign too if you know it…
Written with prolonged effort, at the station of Mercury when he had no speed, this column is a good example of a piece of writing being “stuck”or without the benefit of the free flowing messenger with ideas. Maybe you do not notice it but I did.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 22) – The week starts with your ruler Mars making an awkward aspect to the planet of nebulous ideas, confusion and self sacrifice, leading to a general dissipation of energy and intention. The Full Moon is early Saturday morning and carries with it some oomph. Be extra careful over the weekend in the car or when you are working with machinery. The weekend also has a strong social component- have fun.
Taurus (Apr 22-May 21) – Loving relationships, attracting what you want and generally being contented is the atmosphere as the week starts.  This leads to lots of socializing and stimulating conversation over the weekend. If you have your eye on someone let him/her know it.  Full Moons bring situations to a head and there is one early Saturday morning affecting all weekend. You could make a new intimate or platonic friend with whom the conversation just flows.
Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – You will be making some mental adjustments this week as Mercury is meeting 3 other planets as it leaves Gemini to move into Cancer late Saturday night. You will be releasing old mental constructs that have had you in a rut this retrograde period. Don’t be discouraged or depressed on Monday, but turn to your summer reading list. Although Mercury went forward last week, you are not quite finished; it will take through this week before the fleet footed messenger and you will move into new territory.  Be optimistic.
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) – Full Moon early Saturday morning in your sign puts you at odds with everybody, so much so that you might not know where to turn. Balancing your masculine and feminine sides, your personal and professional life will be important. You need both to nurture yourself and take responsibility for your life.   Full Moons bring something to light that began two weeks prior at the New Moon on Friday the 27th; the new personal projects and interests you began then have been noticed. Do not be upset if a partner feels threatened with your new identity.
Leo (Jul 22-Aug 21) – The Full Moon Saturday morning puts the Sun and Moon in opposite houses, pulling you in two different directions. One concern has you wanting to hide and feel sorry for yourself, versus the other how you are managing your everyday routine and health. Monthly Full Moons are always times when we see any imbalance in our lives; we can no longer dismiss or ignore it. It becomes obvious what your own demons are doing to distract you from being in the present moment and focusing completely on the job at hand. If you have something to reveal or disclose Full Moons are good times to do it. You are preparing for the near future (the 16th) when the greater benefic, Jupiter is in your sign and you return to the spotlight.
Virgo (Aug 21-Sep 19) – Mercury is your ruler and so noticing what the messenger is doing will help you organize your life better, something you enjoy doing. Go slow when he is moving slowly, like during the just past retrograde passage and more quickly when moving forward and direct.  Understanding this relatively simple concept will avoid lots of headaches.  The entire time from the 23rd of May until the 21st of July, Mercury and therefore you, went back and forth 3 times over the same area of your chart, the place that governs the direction of your life, your reputation, the goals in your career or where you want to put your energy. The Full Moon on Saturday should finally resolve these matters so you can slowly proceed satisfactorily.
Libra (Sep 19-Oct 22) – Your ruler Venus is active this week. Social and business contacts prosper especially over the weekend. People in your environment are happy with you and respond accordingly. Ask for what you want from an authority figure especially in the beginning of the week. There is a deep commitment to growth in intimate relationships in general. The Full Moon on Saturday might increases the intensity of those feelings, despite the pressure you feel from all sides. This can be accompanied with a sense of fatedness, that the gods want it to happen too.
Scorpio (Oct 22-Nov 21) – Your sense of fairness and justice is peaked this week as your ruler Mars connects with Vesta which augur for you having the ability to focus 100%. Being centered in your own activity, you will feel a keen sense of being able to direct your own energy and assert yourself even in partnerships.  Your ruler Mars is getting ready to leave Libra where it is all about pleasantries and fairness coupled with an inability to make up your mind, and move into its own sign Scorpio.  The 5 month long passage of Mars in Libra and in your house of self undoing has been most unpleasant but hopefully you have gained some wisdom and courage and will leave this chapter of your life without any regrets.
Sagittarius (Nov 21-Dec 21) – The week begins with the Moon in your sign-so you are feeling empowered and looking for adventure. Seeking is a good word for you-whether it be a new philosophy, new course of study, exotic date or wild country to explore, you are ready to go. However, you might get thwarted in your mission on Thursday as a lack of motivation precedes the Full Moon on Saturday which finds you short on funds. Throw it over your shoulder and have social evening Saturday night.
Capricorn (Dec 21 –Jan 21) – With your ruler Saturn in the doldrums this week you might expect the momentum to subside but as the Moon moves into your sign Thursday night, in preparation for the Full Moon on Saturday morning, this will not be the case. There is a more public role or visibility brewing and the Full Moon will bring it out. You are one of the signs going through the wringer these days, having to remake your identity, relationships, home and career. This might have been a slow evolution up to this point but at this Full Moon your transformation will not go unnoticed.
Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 20) – Your rulers are still in an awkward angle to each other this week.  Making adjustments is called for. If you are completely in the dark you will not see it coming and it will be harder.  Some of your sign have to be dragged into the new century.  For sure change is hard for everybody but most especially the fixed signs, as you are. The Moon, after the exhausting Full Moon, moves into your sign Saturday night.  You might meet a new friend who helps you gain a new perspective.
Pisces Feb 20-Mar 21) – Your ruler Jupiter is in his last days of a yearlong passage in your 5th house of pleasure, children, games, theater, speculation, love affairs, and creative activities. He is leaving the water element where feelings and sentiment is strong; being a water sign yourself this feels like home base.  You will be jumping into the fire next week so enjoy these last days of fun in your emotional life. The Full Moon on Saturday has you coming to terms with what, if anything, you are gaining for yourself in the 4 major areas of life identity, home, partnerships and career. If you feel boxed in- you are- schedule a massage.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week of Wednesday the 25th of June -Tuesday the 1st of July

For those of you who have asked where am I?  This is what I have been writing for the Independant newspaper.

Read your rising sign too if you know it…

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 20) – Today is a bumpy start to the week as your ruler Mars, which rules action, runs right into the slower moving Uranus, which has the adverb sudden attached to it.  Something has been urging you to action since the first time this happened around Christmas.  If you did not heed the call then, the second time the urge came was April 23rd and now today is the last time. Mars retrograde cycle sends you over the same territory many times.  If you do not take action it might happen to you from the outside. Mars and Uranus can be synonymous with a surprising movement or accident, explosion, spur to action, or temper tantrum.  Drive defensively for a start. Pressure to change your work can no longer be ignored.
Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) – Your ruler Venus is in Gemini this month and so matters pertaining to communication and movement i.e. travelling, teaching, writing, telephoning, reading, talking, gathering information, processing and sharing it, are on your mind.  Your focus could also turn to affairs connected with your siblings, as the New Moon in Cancer early Friday morning starts the ball rolling in one or all of the above areas.  Spend Sunday afternoon with a friend or lover perhaps at a musical concert; romantic feelings will be high.
Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) – Your ruler Mercury has taken his sojourn into the underworld and is ready to come up again out of the depths with some new information on Tuesday July 1st.   Do not drive yourself crazy, especially at these transition times.  People can change their minds and you can get caught in a whiplash. Move and think more slowly; breathe fully and let your thoughts be carried on your breathe and no faster.  When ideas come from a deeper place, as they will after the retrograde, they will be more meaningful to your life’s purpose.  But you have to be still enough to hear them.
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 19) – New Moon on Friday at 4:08 AM EDT in your sign sets up a new start for your emotional wellbeing.  Cancer is a water sign and water corresponds to feelings.  Stagnant water and repressed feelings can make us physically ill.  Feelings are tied to our needs, which change as we notice whether our needs are getting met or not.  Now is the week to begin the processing of getting what you want by paying attention to your feelings and acting accordingly. Your emotional well being, inner stability and security is a stake.
Leo (Jul 19-Aug 21) – The New Moon on Friday the 27th is in your house of secrets, sorrows, sufferings and spiritual matters.  Going into your room and having a good cry into your pillow might be what is called for-even though it is not your usual style, as you prefer to be like the Sun always bright and shining.   Expressing pent up feelings is not a bad thing, however. Expect to feel empowered when the Moon comes into your sign early Sunday morning and very inspired all day. Maybe you will be drawn to the arts or music.
Virgo (Aug 21-Sep 21) – Mercury is slowing down and causes trouble when he does; we get stuck in negativity. Being overly critical of ourselves or others causes a separation-which is an act of violence however slight. Learning to stay positive or be quiet around friends this week.  A situation you thought was heading one way will make a turn, towards the end of the week (July 1st), as you change your mind in regards to future plans.
Libra (Sep 21-Oct 23) – You are now at the top of the year with this New Moon on Friday.  You should be feeling like the Sun at midday, at its culmination, with a sense of accomplishment. Venus is making an aspect to dreamy Neptune on Sunday afternoon, with very romantic feelings in the air.  Be careful though, it might not be all that it appears. It is a good time to resolve any differences that arise.
Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 20) – This New Moon on Friday begins a month where feelings reign. New Moons always initiate things, but begin very secretly. This new beginning in your feeling or emotional life will demand steady, and persistence progress. It might involve taking a foreign trip or signing up for a new educational course. You need a new take on life-a new perspective or philosophy that nourishes you; after all you have been through this winter you deserve it.
Sagittarius (Nov 20-Dec 21) – Your ruler Jupiter is involved with Mercury today and your mind gets expanded-someone suggests something and you agree to it.  Jupiter also squares the nodes at the New Moon on Friday perhaps a person enters your life who can assist you, or act as a catalyst, in your financial or spiritual matters.  Your relationships expand.  Meeting someone special this week is fortuitous.
Capricorn (Dec 21 –Jan 20) – The “Grim Reaper” or “Father Time” or The Lord of Karma” as your ruler Saturn is sometimes called, will be stationary in the middle degree of Scorpio for over a month, moving from backwards to standstill before progressing forward again, as seen from earth’s perspective, mid July. So we are at the beginning of the end of his 5 month retrograde cycle (as opposed to Mercury’s 21 days). Just as we get used to nothing changing-it surprisingly finally does. Prepare for the turnaround this week.
Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19) – This week the two highlights are the New Moon in Cancer in your 6th house of work, job, service, duty and health and Mercury stationing, getting ready to move ahead.  The planetary movements suggest that there might be a situation where you want to start a new health regime or job but a childcare issue comes up.  It will get resolved in time. The people born the 6th or7th of January in any year have it the hardest now with Saturn stalling, both forcing a hard right turn and resisting change.  This week  the willing have an opportunity to let go and surrender. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 21) – Always the last sign because you contain the wisdom of all the others.  Use that wisdom this week with Neptune in contact with the Sun and Jupiter square the nodes on Sunday the 29th.  Go for relationships that expand your spiritual life or benefit you financially.  Being around people who blame others and are filled with self pity is not the way to go, even as your huge capacity for compassion could allow. The New Moon Friday morning is in your house of children and pleasures so start a new trend of creativity and fun with/for them.