Sunday, July 24, 2011

Still Here....

Sorry I haven't written in a few weeks.  I miss corresponding in this manner.  No excuses.  But onward....I would be remiss as an astrologer not to be reminding you about the planet Mercury's present apparent slowing down motion leading to "its" (unlike other planets, Mercury is androgonous) retrograde station on August 2nd at the very beginning of Virgo.  I began this blog in a Mercury retrograde phase, when it is changing its orientation to the Sun, setting after to rising before, or eastern elongation to western elongation and so must bow to my intention in starting a blog, as Mercury during the retrograde phase bows to the Sun.

Mercury is the fastest moving planet in its orbit closest to the Sun.  And as anyone knows these days information is circling around the globe at lightening speed.  Mercury rules travel, information, and communication, what we hear, what we think about what we hear and what we choose to relate back to others.  We honor these time periods as Mercury slows down in speed to move and think more slowly, to re think or change our minds, to move about more consciously.  No one can sustain a life at ultra high speed, whether that speed is between your ears or between 2 continents. 

Mercury will contact, or bow to the Sun, as I said earlier, on August 17th.  That is when our minds (Mercury) will align with our life's purpose, goals, direction (the Sun).  The brunt of the retrograde phase is over, we make peace with our extraneous ideas and tune into the ones more to the point.  We can assume that at times our thoughts have gotten ahead of ourselves (now) and a pause is welcome.

Of course when you are trying to negotiate a rise in the debt ceiling to avoid a nation's default and the planet that rules negotiation is slowing down and apparently moving backwards, you might not see it that way. You can be sure that any agreement they do come to will have to be renegotiated at a later date.  And maybe that is what needs to happen.  Mercury will start its apparent forward motion on the 27th, when if you get up really early you can see the messenger of the gods before sunrise.

In mythology, Mercury was the only god who could move form Olympus to Hades and come back.  You might say the god went down to get some new information-something that was previously hidden from sight, some piece that will change the negotiation.  That is why there is such an admonition to signing contracts during this phase as what you sign might not be as it appears to be, or there is a change of heart.  

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