Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New York City in the News Again

Following on the 14th of September's blog, where we talked about the Mars transit over the summer's eclipse affecting New York City, bringing an earthquake, hurricane and the 9/11 commemorances,  we now  have NYC in the news with the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations.  Beginning  September 17th, as Pluto (one of the planets that we talked about then) made an apparent station (meaning it is changing its orientation to the Sun from our perspective) which intensifies its effects considerably. Pluto symbolically demands that we go into the deepest recesses of our being and come up with what is true for us, and be able to stand in that truth, no matter what the consequences, just as these demonstrators are doing.

From the news reports it seems that these protesters did not have a clear sense of a goal, but were responding to their gut feeling of the powerlessness, grief and  unjustice that so many homeowners and middle class are feeling as the current policies and procedures are stacked against them.  Few are benefiting at the expense of the many.  With the synchronicity of Pluto stationing and increasing in power as it moves forward  in the zodiac, those deeply held beliefs have erupted to the surface as the sitins in Lower Manhattan have spread to Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, among other cities.  On Saturday seven hundred people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in one of the largest arrests in the country of peaceful demonstrators.  MOVE ON. ORG has joined the movement now and is calling for solidarity demonstrations in small cities, towns and campuses all across the country.

Just as we have seen demonstrations all over the globe this year, our country is no exception.  It is not an end of war demonstration this time, but a call to end the corporate takeover of our democracy.  Are we seeing a new movement being born at the time of this Pluto station?? One more in keeping with the Aquarian Age where freedom, equality and an equal distribution of wealth are promised??? Did this start in NYC with an eclipse hitting NYC's natal chart this summer??? Time will tell....

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  1. I lived in NYC for 20 years. Saw most of the neighborhoods gentrified, artists move away- the rich take over. I see these OWS people as the last holdouts...the city long taken away from the people. Unemployed servants of the rich finally getting off their duffs. The rest of the country has scrambled to make changes in order to survive this economy 2 to 3 years back.

    Still, your comment about Pluto's station is quite prescient. It's so very hard to read changes with Pluto but I think you got it just right. I think it's the release point of an 'unstoppable force' of transformation- leading up to next year's Pluto Uranus square.